Spine Care

Non-Surgical Approach

Our focus on non-surgical approaches to back and neck problems is what sets us apart at Vermont SpineWorks and Rehabilitation.  We provide comprehensive medical assessment and treatment of our patients.  Dr. Lefkoe draws on his expertise as a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician to individualize treatment based on each patient's functional abilities and goals.  We believe that this "Outside In" approach to spine care is superior to those focused solely on managing pain symptoms or to “one size fits all” methods of treatment.

Accurate Diagnosis

Spine problems and conditions of the back and neck are often complex.  Pain can be caused by a number of structures within the spine itself or in related structures outside of it.  The problem may even have to do with how well these structures function together as a whole.  Successful treatment of your back or neck problem starts with an expert diagnostic assessment, including comprehensive history taking and an in depth, hands on physical examination.  The Vermont SpineWorks difference lies in our ability to accurately diagnosis the scope of your problem.

Patient Education

Educating patients is an important part of our mission at Vermont SpineWorks.  Dr. Lefkoe takes the necessary time to educate you about your condition and the options for treatment.  This is done through a combination of face-to-face discussion and by using the latest in electronic medical resources.  Dr. Lefkoe believes in a patient-centered model of care, known as shared decision-making, which encourages and empowers people to play an active role in the management of their own health.

Treatment Focused on Function

Medical treatment should offer you more than pain relief.  Back and neck problems can be life altering.  Whether your objective is returning to work, standing to cook a meal, getting back on skis, or lifting your grandchild, we help you to set your functional goals and then work with you to achieve them.  Treatment options are varied and may include oral medications, therapeutic exercise or fluoroscopically-guided spine injections.  Often a combination of treatments is utilized, as determined by your individual needs.

Spinal injection procedures of the lumbar spine are performed to the most current national standards. A specially designed x-ray device, known as a fluoroscope, is utilized to complete spinal injections.  This allows Dr. Lefkoe to carefully, precisely and safely place pain relieving or anti-inflammatory medications at the anatomical site where they are most needed.

Dr. Lefkoe also has expertise in working as a member of a treatment team and in coordinating teams of treatment providers.  He has extensive experience in using exercise as a medical treatment.  When therapy is needed, he prescribes treatment that is based on accurate medical diagnosis, then coordinates and oversees that treatment in concert with your physical or occupational therapist.