Musculoskeletal problems are often complex and multidimensional.  They can be as challenging to treat as they are to live with each day.  At Vermont SpineWorks and Rehabilitation, we meet this challenge head on by providing individualized, yet comprehensive treatment. How can we do this?  The answer lies in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation approach to care and Dr. Lefkoe's depth of experience in the specialty.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians receive training in a variety of fields, including orthopaedics, neurology, rheumatology and occupational medicine.  This diverse background allows PM&R physicians to better understand how problems involving bone, muscle, nerve, joint and spine interrelate.  With this knowledge, it becomes easier to treat each patient as an individual and to treat the whole patient rather than their symptoms.

The following sections provide an overview of the many services and the wide variety of conditions that Dr. Lefkoe treats at Vermont SpineWorks and Rehabilitation.  We hope you find this material to be both informative and educational.  Please read our medical disclaimer first.

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