Patient Care Philosophy

At Vermont SpineWorks and Rehabilitation, we promise to take the time to listen to you, examine you and accurately diagnose your problem. Our diagnostic techniques range from in-depth, hands on physical examination to high-tech nerve function testing (EMG) performed in the office. Dr. Lefkoe believes that educating his patients about their problems is crucial to helping them make informed decisions about their health care and is key to a successful outcome. He designs treatment plans that are individually tailored and that can either be carried out in the office, by the patient themselves or with the help of a treatment team.

At Vermont SpineWorks and Rehabilitation, we will work to earn your trust by helping you to increase your function and performance, decrease your pain and decrease your risk for future injury- all without surgery. We look forward to showing you how cutting-edge treatment can be delivered without the cutting!  We believe in helping people to stay as active as possible at any age.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R)

PM&R physicians treat people who are looking for relief from back pain, neck pain, work injuries and other muscle or nerve related problems. PM&R is a non-surgical specialty whose treatment approach emphasizes comprehensive, holistic care that takes the whole person into account, not merely a specific symptom. At Vermont SpineWorks and Rehabilitation, we match treatment goals to our patient's overall functioning and lifestyle.  Preserving quality of life for our patients is a core value of PM&R and is a guiding principle of this practice.

PM&R physicians have taken the lead in performing many of the more advanced, non-surgical procedures to relieve pain. Dr. Lefkoe treats patients in the office with fluoroscopically-guided spine injections to relieve the nerve pain and inflammation often associated with certain low back problems. By making judicious use of these anatomically precise injections, the healing process can be speeded and the use of exercise or therapy made more productive.